Devon Rhodes
Humor, Heat and Happy Endings

A Ring and A Promise

Careers in military service are never easy on relationships—even less so when both lovers are in different branches...and both are men.

Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the His Hero anthology by Total-E-Bound

NSFW Excerpt...

He slid his hands along the sleeves of Cary's uniform jacket down to his the cuffs then grasped his hands while he continued the heartfelt kiss. God, he loved the way Cary looked in his dress uniform. He wore it well, as though he'd been born to wear it. It was bordering on a fetish for him, and had made it damned uncomfortable this past week when they'd worn their dress uniforms for so many Commissioning Week occasions. But right now their privacy was guaranteed, and Owen wanted to indulge in a bit of fun while Cary was still so sexily attired.

It was too bad that Cary was without his hat. They'd both had fun adhering to tradition before the ceremony and had tucked an envelope with some money and a letter of advice inside both of their caps for some lucky kid to claim. Maybe they'd hear from them someday.

Cary gave him an enquiring look before tossing the bag to the ground in the direction of the dresser. When he turned back, he grinned and lowered his gaze to the front of Owen's khakis. Cary pursed his lips briefly before giving his lower lip a quick swipe of his tongue.

Hat or not, Cary was absolutely the sexiest man hed ever seen.

Maybe he'd fuck Cary with his new officer's cap on someday.

Groaning, both at the mental image and the sure knowledge that that day would be far in the future--if at all--he took Cary by the biceps and firmly placed him against the wall with one last hard kiss, then knelt before him.


"Mmm..." He slid the belt latch and undid the buckle, pulling the end out of the clasp. Then he unhooked and unzipped the fly. He bracketed Cary's hips with his hands and glanced up. Cary's blue eyes were wide and a bit wild. Holding his gaze, Owen leant forward and mouthed his hard cock, faithfully outlined by the white cotton. Cary's lids slid closed and Owen took that as the invitation it was.

Without lowering the trousers past Cary's hips, he pulled the tighty whities down just enough to expose Cary's erection. After a moments thought, he did a bit of manoeuvring and was able to lift Carys balls up over the wide elastic band before letting it gently retract against his skin once again.

He stood and backed far enough away to get a good look. From the waist up, his lover was still attired according to regulation--minus the cap. Pretty much regulation, anyway, considering he was wearing his now-defunct midshipman's uniform instead of one for the officer he now was. Still...he was all nicely turned out on the top half.

But below the belt...

Owen caught his breath at the vision of decadence that was his handiwork. Cary's hard and reddened cock and his balls sac were protruding lewdly from above his underwear. With his pants still mostly on, still wearing his polished white shoes, he looked debauched, as though he'd been caught unawares hard at work and enticed into forbidden play.

He met Cary's eyes once more and could see the effort it was taking Cary to hold himself there, exposed to view without the reassurance of touch. Owen suddenly had no wont to prolong the foreplay any longer.

He hit his knees then took Cary's cock deep.

A strangled cry was his reward, enticing him to use his tongue to wet the hard length then slide down. He repeated the action, gliding with firm pressure downwards and adding suction on the way back up to the head, gradually taking Cary most of the way down to the base.

With Cary's balls hiked up as they were, Owen could feel the hot skin of his lovers sac on his bottom lip at the furthest point. On the next pass downwards, he opened his mouth a bit and was able to stroke his tongue across the taut skin, feeling the closest orb shift with the pressure.

"Ah! Oh fuck, Owen."

Tasting a bit of saltiness on the way up, Owen grinned around his mouthful and looked up from under his lashes. Cary was behaving himself and letting Owen take the lead. Time for a change of scenery, though. He pulled off with a smack of his lips.

"Please tell me you brought supplies."

"In our kits," Cary panted.

Owen rose to his feet and pulled Cary in for a slow, involved kiss that sent an emotional wave of warmth through him. In the room they shared at the Academy, Owen rarely felt comfortable enough to take his time with simple affectionate caresses. Mostly, their physical contact had been hurried and silent, the sole purpose being coming to completion without being caught.

"Why don't you grab the stuff and get out of that uniform?" He gave in to impulse and cupped Cary's cheek, pulling him back in for another kiss as Cary began to move away to follow his suggestion. He didn't want to be apart from him for a moment...

The realisation hit him like a ton of bricks, and he abruptly dropped his hand and span around to hide what had to be a shell-shocked expression. Maybe it was the emotional culmination of their schooling at the ceremony today. Maybe it was the knowledge that their separation was looming. But when he looked at Cary, when he touched him, he was finding it hard--no, impossible--to keep from turning what should be companionable sex into lovemaking.