Devon Rhodes
Humor, Heat and Happy Endings

Everyone loves something for free, and that's just what these stories are! Enjoy!

A Rough Valentine's Day

Rough Riders series #2.5

A short story sequel to Rough Awakening

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An upcoming holiday like Valentine’s Day can be rough on a couple when one of them thinks they’re fine, and the other thinks their relationship is almost over.

Mario and Jordan have been together for over a year, but living in two different cities is starting to take its toll on their relationship, at least in Mario’s view. When he tries desperate measures to get Jordan’s attention, will the drama backfire on him? Or will he get more than he ever dreamed?

Reader’s Advisory: This story contains characters introduced in Rough Awakening .

In The Wild

One Wish series #2.5

A short story sequel to One More Wish

What do you get when you add two naked men and two dragons?

Some fun In The Wild...

A Session in the Tub

After a crushing breakup, Liam has hidden away from life. Whether he wants it or not, some sexy tough love from a dream man, followed by a session in the tub, is just the therapy he needs.

His Last Resort

The last thing transfer student Lee Carmine needs in his life right now is a wide-eyed, gorgeous gay guy for a roommate.

When Trask Maitland comes out to Lee, are they doomed from the start or is it possible that "three strikes and you're out" could turn into "third time's the charm"?